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Dazed, focused, content, humbled. Had the honour to participate in a well-thought & researched relief aid project in Sindupalchowk District, Nepal, instigated and organized by a Danish force of nature Chris Frantzen and his supporters. Back in Ktm - the complexity and the magnitude of the disaster (far from over) taking its time to sink in. However, the warmth and the cooperation of the community, our variable roles within and the holistic approach towards the distribution of relief just wiped away any doubts and the neverending intellectual & theoretical condescending and competitive debates about the righteousness of aid projects, with the often irrevocable colonialist undertones. Monsoon started already, shelters and materials were provided to people with the lowest socio-economic status and / or no means to rebuild anything, some sleeping away under the bare sky. Putting up shelters, attending wounds, explaining, translating, connecting, caring - with huge amount of respect towards the people of Karthali and the surroundings. Huge thank you to all our friends and supporters too - AKCD provided all the medical equipments for the trip. A complete reportage with quality photos coming up - just a glimpse here

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